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"In writing the 'Reason to Believe' EP, I just got tired of storytelling. I was coming up with characters that felt compelling not because of a journey they were going on, but because of what they represented to me: their struggle, their moral character, and their questions. In the end, I was left with was a set of portraits that, without a lesson or conclusion, felt very true to me."

-Sterling Spence

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Sterling Spence - Guitar, Vocals 
Jessica Lips - Vocals  
Jeffery Peck - Bass and synthesizers

Lyrics by Sterling Spence

Songwriting by Sterling Spence & Jeffery Peck

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jeffery Peck in Vallejo, CA
Mastered by Matt Boudreau 
© ℗ 2020 Westerly Reason to Believe 
Original Cover Artwork by Machira IG: @artofmachira

Video by Crystal Chavez | |  IG: @crystalmchavez

EP release date:

22 May 2020

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