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The fourth release from Westerly is a collection of three story songs set in California's Inland Empire spanning the Americana genre with influences from indie-folk, rock n roll, post-grunge, mariachi, and country. Exploring themes of justice, abandon, love, and lost faith the songs show Westerly's breadth and power and prove why Divide and Conquer said "Westerly's sound has a very modern relevant feel to it that takes the best parts of folk and mixes it with the spirit of genres like rock and punk that ultimately makes it a rare but needed perspective in the music scene."

Produced by Ben Bernstein (
Recorded by Ben Bernstein at Bird & Egg Studio, Richmond, CA. Asst. Engineers: Steven Sarmiento | Mixed by Ben Bernstein at 
Petting Zoo Studio, Oakland, CA | Mastered by Matt Boudreau 
© ℗ 2019 Westerly WESTERLY In the Empire 
Original artwork by Sterling Spence

EP release date:

7 June 2019

Sterling Spence - Guitar, Vocals 
Leah Woodard - Vocals 
Brandon Seinturier - Drums 
Scott Wilson - Lead Guitar 
Jeff Peck - Bass 

Lyrics by Sterling Spence | Songwriting by Sterling Spence, 
Jeff Peck, Scott Wilson, Leah Woodard and Brandon Seinturier 

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