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Rooted in the traditions of folk songwriters such as Joan Baez and Leonard Cohen, Westerly crafts uniquely Americana indie rock songs that layer three-part harmonies over immersive soundscapes ranging from drum-driven rock pounders to intensely soulful ballads and introspective, reflective hymns. Storytellers at heart, the band writes about spirituality, love, and the state of the world. Though they integrate roots influences, the band is expressly not a retrospective. Their sound brings contemporary flourishes that often give nod to the R&B, punk, and indie rock scenes that have characterized the West Coast musical landscape of free love, passion, and protest.


With three albums under their belt, Westerly has actively played live and toured, gracing clubs, bars, coffee shops, radio stations, old folks homes and circus tents. The band’s original songs and dynamic performances are known to get a crowd on their feet and dancing, melt faces with screaming guitar solos and deliver crowds to tears with its intimate songwriting and heartfelt performances. 


Westerly’s lineup includes Sterling Spence (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Wilson (lead guitar), Jessica Lips (vocals), Jeff Peck (bass), and Brandon Seinturier (drums). The band has been featured extensively on Bay Area radio stations including KPFA, KALW, KALX, and Mutiny Radio and are beloved regular performers in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles scenes. Westerly can be found online at:

westerlytheband.com and facebook.com/westerlytheband.


“A very modern relevant feel that takes the best parts of folk and mixes it with the

spirit of genres like rock and punk that ultimately makes it a rare but needed

perspective in the music scene.” - Divide and Conquer magazine


Sterling Spence, Jeff Peck, Scott Wilson, Jessica Lips, and Brandon Seinturier




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