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There’s an old storm brewing in a ’97 Ford

And she can’t tell who she’s flirting with

If it’s the devil or the lord

But there’s an ocean of old habits that get passed down in the skin

And if you let your guard down long enough they’re gonna come on streaming in

It feels like fate

She said darling I just need you to stay


Well ambition gets the best of us and it tears in our bones

He got a job working minimum trying to make the rent on a home

And at night he’d roll in close and whisper in her ear

Said someday I’m gonna be somebody, gonna get you out of here

And she’d look at him and he could see her looking through

He knew that she’d never believe him but there’s nothing he could do except to say

Darling I just need you to stay


Well she always had him pegged right

That job seemed to take its toll

He’d come home and couldn’t meet her gaze

Took the fire from his soul

She was always quiet like there was something she couldn’t find

And he’d mutter you can’t love a woman who never speaks her mind

They said if love is more than slaving

We don’t know what it could be

You work like hell to find a reason

Ends up being just to be to hear someone say

Darling I just need you to stay


And should my dreams all fail me

Should my road fall through

Should all else be stripped from me let me stay with you

Westerly's first self-titled album is now 
available on Bandcamp
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