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Letter Home

Samuel brother,


It’s been far too long. I figured I’d write you just to say I was wrong when I said you betrayed me, when I called you a thief. I’m a small man Sam, but you deserved more from me.


I don’t know what she tells you. I don’t know what she said. I was lost when I met her. I was out of my head. I heard that you took her down to old Paris. Next time to see her Sam, say hi to my woman for me.


I suppose you’ll see mother and she’ll ask how I’ve been. Would you tell her I’m alright, Julia’s moving back in. I found work waiting tables and the tips are just fine. I started taking classes, I’m gonna get a bachelor’s degree online. You should see it Samuel, it’s a good place to be. Girls come dancing in the evenings and I serve them their drinks for free. Julia’s working as a singer, got a song on the radio. It always reminds me of you Sam, maybe it’s one that you know.


“If you miss the train I’m on

You can tell that I am gone.

You can hear that whistle blowing a hundred miles.

A hundred mile, a hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles

You can hear that whistle blowing a hundred miles.”


Well you probably know the truth of it, I ain’t seen Julia in years. She won’t answer my phone calls. She moved on but I stayed right here. All the jobs need experience, but there’s none I can get. I need to find work, I’m already behind on the rent. I need help Samuel, maybe just a couple thousand bucks. You know I’d pay it back if I ever ran into any luck.


There’s one more thing Samuel and I know it’s wrong. I just don’t want to worry her. Just don’t tell mom.

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