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Down in the Red

Asking god for a chance to talk
Can’t help but wonder where the money’s got
Need another miracle believe it or not you still need it just the same
There seem to be less angels on those boarded up streets
Ask anyone that you meet they’ll say god’s playing favorites
And I don’t know if I believe
And I don’t care what’s going on up there
Cause I got trouble just enough for me
Right here
So if that old chariot would swing low enough for me
I’m so far down in the red, lord, I could use a little company
Got my ear to the ground
I keep my hand on that plow
They said work would set me free
I should be dancing by now
But everybody’s got to eat
And I don’t believe that good lord would come and knock me off my feet
I got trouble just enough for me
Right here
So come on swing low
Come on swing low
I hang my head
Swing on down in the red

Westerly's first self-titled album is now 
available on Bandcamp
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